Shop publicity can make full use of the network platform

consumers can generally be through paper publicity, network platform and other ways to understand a new store. There are many ways to shop propaganda, many businesses are accustomed to using the network platform to promote, as soon as possible to improve the attention of the shop. Network publicity is very important, businesses can learn more.

in order to keep the stores have more people know, understand, and even comments, we may wish to store the above information, address, special bestie, announced to the word-of-mouth website, because many consumers have the habit of looking for consumer information from the website. This site will promote the high visibility of the store, so as to achieve the world famous effect.

will make a comprehensive introduction to his shop to pay attention to, what kind of shop opening write what style introduction: foreign trade shop on the very open shop to Shanghai; debris and public life bordering the national commodity store; open as far as possible in the classical mystery, distinctive features,. The guests in the eye just as good to you shop, or have a "will continue".

View of these sites, in general are has its own personality, is the site of the fans. They think that the site is a collection of what they need, and low price is a huge temptation to buy. Put their own goods and shops on this site, is the clever use of the site to promote their own.

if your store belongs to discount or life, non creative activities, then you can also own shop hanging in the famous group purchase website, so you don’t have to discount is too low, as long as the lower than other competitors can. Of course, this is to ensure that the goods are authentic premise, whether it is cosmetic or clothing bags, as long as the name of genuine discount title, you can not break the bottom line.

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