Building in the store to do a good job to do a good job reputation

is different from the shop opened in the downtown area, chose to open a shop in the building, want a good business for more people to know, often by virtue of a variety of word of mouth. Everyone knows that a consumer will go to a store consumption, because the store has something to attract him, which is the so-called word of mouth. In order to receive the "word of mouth" effect, must have its own originality.

has a deep in the floor of the store opened for many years, and from the guests but even people every week in a continuous line, fixed time to eat here, why is this small restaurant on the wall posted their own standards: never, never stale prices. This post is not only a propaganda, but also to remind themselves and constraints, and it emphasizes that this is the most concerned about the two aspects of the guests. This is also a psychological strengthening of the supervision and awareness of people, if there is a little different people will be raised objections, and once done well, this is also a distinctive feature, people thumbs up.

in the soaring prices today do not rise, no matter how good the business will not be because of lower quality dizzy with success for consumers, this is too precious. Experience how the customer will not mention to their friends, relatives? This is a high reputation and customers.

thus, we see that if you want to let the guests to your store satisfaction, and spread to the people around you, first of all should first run their own reputation. After all, you have to have something to hand, have to make people remember, can let a person place to boast. Otherwise, they are not your marketing, why would your reputation spread? It is hard to convince people to have a word of mouth.

spread word of mouth should also have the skills of communication should be the promotion of the so-called "reputation, what call what". For example, the restaurant, then the green health, price and taste for the focus of the development of the word of mouth; if you sell clothing in terms of price, origin, style and style, etc..

in short, we must pay attention to two points: one is their own strengths and advantages of the place, is a market and guests requirements and wishes. Adhere to these two points, we can do business reputation. Imagine, when a person like that you found the treasure as products and the demands on, even if you don’t ask, he will feel their own experiences, and what one sees and hears them out to friends. At that time, you can wait for the guests to come!

does not have a shop does not want to build a better reputation, however, the reputation of the operators need to make more efforts to create. In short, if you want to successfully open a shop in the building, for the reputation of the building also need to pay more attention to, so that you will be able to make their own store in the building to get greater success oh.

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