Online shop to understand what legal issues

Although in the current

online shop has become a lot of people, however, if you want to do business will be hot, actually also need to master the related legal problems, and this is precisely the lack of countless people. So, online shop to understand what legal issues?

first to explain the product quality issues. Online transactions can only be limited to the text information and simple static or dynamic pictures to understand. Can not be immersive sense of the above information, such as clothing and other products, can not get the feel and other information.

from the general consumer to analyze the heart, the purchase of goods must be seen as real, and the quality of the products purchased online how they are hard to believe. This requires that China’s legal issues to be controlled for the sale of online sales of legal supervision. For example, online company registration, and so on, so that online sales also focus on brand effect, in the process of market share to establish the company’s brand.

, such as general motors, DELL and other large multinational companies online sales will be very reassuring, the key lies in the business of their own efforts. Legal aspects of supervision, the quality of the products for the online ban, to create a good online environment. In this way, the online world will become an orderly and regular market just like the real world.

followed by the payment of security issues, this is to let a lot of people are more concerned about, especially after the introduction of a lot of businesses are now the first remittance policy. Due to the virtual network transactions, some parties do not understand each other’s official identity, so that criminals can take advantage of the machine. Now online fraud is common, must make the authenticity of the network together, in order to judge the reliability and safety of the transaction.

in accordance with the existing laws and regulations, all engaged in profit-making transactions, the public security organs should apply for a license in order to obtain legitimate business qualifications. In real life, both sides of the transaction through the business license to understand each other’s identity, the Internet is the same. But on the Internet is how to judge it? It is rather difficult.

it is suggested that the business license can be established by the electronic version of the electronic license and electronic password is composed of two parts, with it, the enterprise can identify each other identity in the process of online transaction, the correct understanding of the relative business license of other enterprises on issues, solve the problem of mutual recognition of identity.

according to the current laws and regulations, operators engaged in activities can from the national policy in determining what business can do, what not to do, and in the main network management did not carry out activities in accordance with the appropriate scope. In this case, the existing laws and regulations may inhibit the development of network management; if they are ignored, it may affect the society

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