What kind of person is not suitable for entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship, in fact, is also a pick people’s work, how can we go to business?.

1) there is no reason, arrogant, oneself can not think of what the project, he does not believe that someone else’s project, did not dare to communicate with strangers, the heart afraid of others eat him, in life do not dial 10 Fen, even small hundreds of yuan of money heart afraid people cheat. Do not go to investigate the essence of the project, if someone else in the investment, he is also worried about others to let when the whole universe is only the right, no one can believe. Such people are too vain to be lonely, not to talk about entrepreneurship.

2) outstanding, you say, he will be three. You say east, he will west. The man of pride, there is only his most clever. Think of someone else’s success is the lives of others, they do not want to take action, always pointing to others, the public limelight show their skill, business problems could not answer. This kind of person I advise you not to start a business, you will not succeed.

3) are ideal, ability is also good, the interpersonal relationship can be, is not willing to pay action, he is really a little hope, but with this do not understand the "reality" is what meaning, everyone wants it, where there is a free lunch. This kind of person to their own work is also very difficult to do well, do not go to business, will not succeed.

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