2015 entrepreneurial community assembly brings together more than 2000 entrepreneurs


IT field has been innovative rapid development for management activities under IT practitioners actively explore business opportunities. The day before, a cloud computing business community conference held in Beijing, on who is cloud computing venture horse".

2015 in December 9th, more than 2000 entrepreneurs gathered at the Beijing International Conference Center to participate in the venture capital community organized by the entrepreneurial dark horse conference". In this public venture, the highly innovative social environment, entrepreneurs hair filling mining industry distribution business, in the form of innovation, to meet the needs of users in multiple dimensions.

Huayun data is committed to providing cloud computing solutions for the enterprise users of the enterprise. Chairman Xu Guangbin in the company establishment and development process, the concept of open and win-win to build cloud computing ecosystem, the user needs as the core, constantly adjust product and solution direction, to create a public cloud, private cloud, IDC cloud to end cloud solutions, has become the enterprise class cloud computing. Entrepreneurs horse.

in B2B service mode, many enterprises have a lot of his confusion, chairman Xu Guangbin share their years in the field of enterprise IT has fought for enterprise user experience and service awareness.

2000 years ago, the Internet into the lives of ordinary people, but also changed the business model. With the development of China’s Internet, PC Internet has become increasingly saturated, but because of the emergence of mobile Internet 4G blowout development. Mobile Internet has changed people’s way of life, for example, we shop from the PC side to the mobile terminal, we communicate with more people through the mobile phone side of WeChat and Q  Q. This change in behavior led to a new economic model, such as various types of mobile phone APP, for different users of electronic business platform, big data analysis companies, etc..

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