College students to start selling hand cake easy to grab money

a lot just out of college because you work, choose to venture this way. We have a lot of good things for college students to start a business, business opportunities in the side you have not found it? Now the food and beverage industry has a large market, which contains a lot of business opportunities. 90 students of Pu Yu third when grasping cake small boss, 2 years of chain stores have been opened all over the University city.

this less than 10 square meters of the shop owner was a newly graduated college students. Yu Hua Pu third when grasping small cake boss, in two years the development of 4 stores, 1 processing plants and 8 stores, the annual income of 2 million 500 thousand yuan.

"we used the pursuit of speed, people began a 6 loaves of bread." Yu Hua Pu said, do the first shop in 2011 this shortcut does not win customers. He went to Chengdu to visit the snack street, found similar snack bar boss always keep slow state. If the shop has been Paiqichanglong, don’t panic. Come to the customers in a continuous line, waiting for their delicacy.

of Pu Yu returned to Chongqing, began to ask the master once only 2 loaves of bread, and sometimes make a cake. This is a very good way to respond to the marketing, the cake to maintain the best taste, but the line of the guests more, the average daily sales of 400 cakes.


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