Account for millions of wealth

in order to make their psychological have a bottom, make their own money to have a limit, now a lot of people in everyday life for accounting, whether electronic files, or paper version, this is generally the personal behavior, but here there is a person, know that this is a business opportunity, founded by accounting bookkeeping website, the opportunity to earn 5 million years!

"80" open networks account moved in Nanjing

2006 in February, officially launched the "off-line", as one of the earliest established bookkeeping website, at the beginning of the establishment, Tian Keshan did not join. When he graduated from university after two years of planning, a small company in Shanghai website, took 3000 yuan monthly salary. The website is opened by technical partners, first name is "Allah financial", taken from the Shanghai word "Allah" by the end of 2006, renamed the "off-line", renamed reason is that more and more people learn to financial accounting.

about joining the "off-line" website and has said, Tian Keshan is completely by coupling. A chance, when Tian Keshan and its partners are familiar with the be strangers to each other in a single site, two people are holding to the Internet to find a wife, the wife did not find, but became interested in joint venture friends. After understanding and running, for a period of time at the beginning of 2007, Tian Keshan joined the "off-line".

before joining the site, registered members of a total of only 499, that is a day on average only one or two registered members, but also with the "off-line", the Internet quickly appeared many similar sites, some websites registered members jumped to more than 8 thousand during the first half of the year. In the face of the plight of Tian Keshan and partners together 100 thousand yuan start-up capital for market development. Today, the "off-line" has achieved the industry first, registered members has reached 520 thousand people, at the same time have,, Ali software, Huaan fund and many other partners.

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