How did Bill Gate’s computer dream come true

Bill · Gates’s reputation all over the world, I believe that people do not know the computer genius, and Bill · Gates founded Microsoft, let the world praise, at the same time led to the development of science and technology of the times, his story of natural concern.

1955 October 28th, Bill · Gates was born in Seattle, Washington, d.c.. Father is a lawyer, he was an important early lawsuit. Mother is a teacher, and later played a key role in the historic cooperation between Gates and IBM.

A summer

1972 years of age, 3 years older than him. Paul brought a "Electronics" magazine, turn to page 143rd, pointing to a text only ten paragraphs of the article, Bill said, has set up a new company called Intel launched the micro processor chip called a 8008. Two people soon got a chip with machine, can analyze the city traffic monitor information, so he decided to set up a named "traffic data company" (TrofOData) of the company, but the two game boy soon ended. Bill went to Harvard University in 1973, and then in Boston, a computer company called sweet wells in the to find a job programming.

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