9 the company’s entrepreneurial failure tragic history summary

a lot of people have a pioneering history of blood, the road of entrepreneurship is not what is the so-called Everything is going smoothly., after wind and rain to see the sun. The following share is 9 companies pioneering history of blood, let us summarize the reasons!


you start a company, the company successfully financing   4000  million dollars, you also have a strong team, a clear mission and a market proven business model. But after three years of development, the company ended up in failure, this is the media have reported your embarrassing failure. These are domestic   O2O  Homejoy  founder of   the story, the company has officially closed in July 31st last year  .

Homejoy , of course, is not the only one who seems to have a good future, but ultimately failed to become nothing of the start-up companies. CB  Insights  156    recently compiled; the founder failed startups share the company’s failure, some failed because of the wrong people, either because the company expansion too fast, some of it is because there is no good sales etc..

There are thousands of reasons,

A case of

ridesharing service: Sidecar

millionDevelopment time: 3 years,

The causes of the failure of

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