Join the details of cooked food must taste duck neck

few people have not eaten it must taste duck neck! It will want to eat a second time, but also must taste duck neck by virtue of their own strength to create a food chain to join in the myth. China all over the taste of the franchise chain.

Juewei duck neck must taste Xuan’s famous brand products, with no flavor duck neck secret spices well cooked, with Hunan Hunan traditional delicacy cooking techniques and recipes, create a now well-known duck: Juewei duck neck. Juewei duck neck belongs to must taste the flavor series of signs, in all parts of the country have joined, and each stores the taste is the same. So energy-saving is how much? You want to know a friend please see below


joined the Juewei duck neck does not need to receive franchise fees, but want to open a shop energy-saving, need to invest 24 thousand and 100 yuan, including training costs 5800 yuan, 3000 yuan of product inventory, equipment purchase costs 5000 yuan, 300 yuan fee to apply for certification, shop decoration costs 10000 yuan. For details, please refer to the following table:

energy-saving analysis:

join the city’s provincial capital city level cities and county towns

The area of

            20 square meters 20 square meters;      

20 square meters

license for the 300 yuan fee of           300 yuan; 300 yuan

product inventory     3000 yuan         $3000

training fee       5800    ;     $5800

equipment purchase cost   5000 yuan         $5000

rent (year)     24 thousand yuan   $12 thousand   $8 thousand and 400

decoration fee       20 thousand yuan   >

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