Tea shop decoration elements inventory

is now on the market, many tea shops can be seen everywhere, at the same time, the intense competition in the market is also common, as an operator, to successfully operate a tea shop, in fact, a good decoration effect.

A, the external shape:

external shape must highlight the "tea", the characteristics of pure elegance.

two, signs:

sign is permanent advertising, to stimulate the curiosity of consumers, attracted the attention of consumers, for consumers to memory, but also reflects the general style of tea, tea to take most of the traditional style, rectangular plaque, carved font, solemn stately. Three, couplet:

if you use a good pair of antithetical couplet, can better reflect the art and culture of tea flavor.

four, window:

window is the first exhibition shops, it can directly stimulate consumer desire to buy, try to design some window, which can put some attractive some tea tea, put the amount of tea, nice shape with transparent glass cups, every few days in several varieties, in the window to light some bright furnishings tea and tea sets and tea to form a beautiful picture, and constantly changes. Five, external lighting:

tea exterior lighting must be bright, preferably in white or green, not red, if one or two green lamp is more prominent shops appeal.

six, name:


seven, decoration:

shelf counter emphasizes decent, smooth lines, should generally be made of wood, can be painted imitation mahogany, also can use varnish made of wood color, it can reflect the unity and harmony of the tea, and several boxes, in order to put tea and tea book, the conditions can be in a square table or table in order to use tea. Tea shop walls should generally use simple and elegant, wooden decoration board, paint color is good, and with reasonable knowledge about tea tea paintings or promotional materials. While the main ground keep clean and tidy, with marble, terrazzo, also can use paper, preferably with green or gray if the carpet, do not use harsh tone.

eight, dot:

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