How to join the selection of shops

for catering investors, if you choose to join in the form of starting their own entrepreneurial journey, then you must join in the selection of a project in the course of a good effort.

join the shop is now on the market mainstream, a lot of people will be faced with the choice of what a brand, a lot of people because the investment is not careful, also have been happening, so choose to join the shop is not a simple matter, many people also have a lot of confusion, do not know how to choose a good project here are some tips, Xiaobian summary choose to join the shop, hope that we can help


interests determine everything. To start a new career, the first 3 years of hard work. Interest, ideal and passion, is to support entrepreneurs to adhere to the end of the driving force, and even determine the future development of new undertakings. Therefore, entrepreneurs choose to join the project, we must be guided by interest.

do. Every industry has access threshold, entrepreneurs do not have the conditions on the hastily involved, the possibility of failure. Therefore, choose franchise projects, their ability is the most important reference factor, according to.

field trips. In general, the franchisee to attract entrepreneurs, in the introduction will say that a good peach good. In this regard, entrepreneurs should be "ears, seeing is believing". Entrepreneurs in the negotiations with the franchisee, may be required to provide a list of some of the stores, and then choose from two or three field trips. The focus should be on the operation of the franchise, the franchisee’s facilities are thoughtful.

foot Kung Fu selected address. Choosing a good place to start a business is half the battle. Store gold is not the level of rent, but to see how much turnover can be created. Looking for cheap stores, is the most effective means of fieldwork. So, running around, running around, is the location of entrepreneurs will do homework".

shop fully. The first preparatory work must be done, do a good job in store decoration, the purchase of the equipment at the same time, entrepreneurs have to walk more, and do the work of good neighborliness with nearby neighbors, and familiar with the local market, the development of potential customers; in the preparatory period, should recruit enough staff, and do well in advance the training work, to take time for opening the busy.

coordinate with hq. Stores and franchisees are interdependence and mutual supply, I should develop my career, but also take into account the interests of the headquarter, so we only, with headquarters in mutual assistance, together to create a win-win situation. Although some of the time, because the concept of Consumption Disparity, stores and join the headquarters of the business strategy of some discomfort, but careful coordination, learn from each other, "

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