Baidu involved in the video personal Adsense outlet where

on the one hand, individual owners of copyright more and more tightly, on the other hand they are predators (with the user uploads, users share) that completely escape the responsibility of copyright.

of course Marx brothers also have good news, the Marx brothers had been in the add module (with Marx PM after I saw it a commercial version).

this is a new signal, clearly tell you:

all the strength of the large will have a lot of revenue business, we do not need to go to the head of the individual.

think that year, I used the CHAT program to earn dollars, but Tencent group came out, all the chat room is finished, including the NetEase is now neither dead nor alive. Now, in addition to a few, rely on selling meat is still outside.

YAHOO statistics come out, Jiang Jiang pressure is very obvious. At the same time according to the various trace current like, I can conclude that YAHOO statistics will begin grab ALFY’s job! Although the statistics before there is conflict and webmaster statistics, but I said here should be the business conflict actually, there may be Adsense code, there may be a long tool, or the other, but is fundamental. I leave this passage, after the time to verify how much time YAHOO statistics, direct competition for business days.

Ali mother came out, the pressure of the Union on the huge.

because the future of the business, will be more and more through Ali mother platform to complete. It also makes the alliance regret, buckle us too much, we now have a new choice. But on the other hand, this is China’s national conditions, even if the alliance knows that this day, what is done is only more crazy deduction.

Technology costs

Ali mother terribly high and the so-called tax (of course to personal money, these tax in the end there is no tax to Hangzhou, then we can not understand the mother), is always a winner. No matter how much red gun draft, or graph king clever in Ali on ads. Because the future situation is more clear, the price will be now several times or even several times.

here’s a suggestion: look at Admin5, not his information, but… Figure Wang in what to vote, such as now buy Ali ad.

look at Tencent, although many areas have always been the second millennium, but in fact, the second is not enough money? Unfortunately, Tencent now and just around the resources, such as: the most by the newspaper and the newspaper provides news, as Tencent’s local station, but never involved this is the capital, Tencent, the habits of the idea: chidushi.

fortunately now, there are outdated lazy / not too many commercial purposes, let’s have a place to drink tea. But they are also the tea you drink, is not willing to pay…

Where is the way out for

personal webmaster?