Real estate website soft

do network promotion for 2 months. SEO and so on, I believe we are more profound than I know. Not here than the display slight skill before an expert.

below I simply say that I am in the company during the use of soft Wen promotion experience.

soft has two categories:


, open the door to see the mountain

this kind of soft text directly promote their website business, readability is not strong. For users who may need to look at. For example the group purchase second-hand housing in Chongqing Qiujiaokuai this information, if I consider buying second-hand housing, I might look at, but this kind of soft Wen, lack of vitality, is the ability of the automatic transmission, even after the interest people, categorically not to reprint, because now the Internet users not stupid. Are able to distinguish out this is a soft. But it is such a direct soft, for the site’s business is often a driving force. For example, I want to buy second-hand housing, should see the text before deciding to buy, because the article clearly stated that this year qiujiaohui will cheap second-hand housing group purchase a few percent, so I entered the site involved in the group purchase business.


October 2008, the company’s real estate website launched Beaming with Joy fall Housing Fair second-hand housing group purchase activities, the website of the soft Wen come straight to the point, Qiujiaokuai group purchase activity rules and registration. Soft Wen written, to a Witkey website with 400 cash release post task activities, which lasted 7 days, a total of 4000 in a post, 2000 of which belong to post post. The number of participants in the site to participate in the statistics of 47 people. As we all know, the real estate industry is profiteering, which 47 people can generate much profit for the company, we can imagine.

soft text as follows:

naked advertising advantage is: to the net friend to direct;

The disadvantage of

is that the article does not have the ability to spread.

2 appearance: soft

this kind of soft Wen is a typical feature, do not directly introduce their website business, but their business has played a certain role in the article. For example, 08 years of pornographic door, for example, you open the Taobao store to sell the camera, borrow pornographic time slightly hype, you made. You can write an article in Edison Chan pornographic articles, which must be mentioned, when Kansai done anything XXX is made of certain brands of cameras in this article is of course description pornographic, but here is this brand of mobile phone, there will be a lot of people to search and buy it. Is a kind of recessive soft. Appearance of the text is summed up that, (1), did not seem to be soft, make it easier to accept. (2), with a strong readability, entertainment, we all

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