Ali landing NYSE became the second largest nternet Co after Google

September 19th evening, Alibaba Group officially listed on the New York stock exchange. Opening price of $92.75, higher than the issue price of 36.3%. At the close, the Alibaba’s shares jumped $25.89, to close at $93.89, rose 38.07%, a market capitalization of $231 billion 439 million, beyond the Facebook to become the second largest Internet Co behind Google. At the same time, this figure is also more than Portugal GDP. According to the world bank website data, calculated in accordance with the current US $GDP for $220 billion in 2013, portugal.

Alibaba’s public offering of approximately 320 million shares of ADS, a ADS (American Depositary Receipts) represents a common stock. Including the newly issued approximately 123 million shares, as well as the existing shareholders sold about 197 million shares, raising the amount of about $21 billion 770 million. At the issue price, the overall valuation of more than $174 billion 800 million.

In addition to this,

, as well as some of the existing shareholders of the Alibaba has allowed underwriters have permission to sell an additional 48 million shares of ADS in the next 30 days, but also on the green shoe mechanism. Start the mechanism, Alibaba IPO fund-raising amount will be more than 25 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the largest IPO in the history of the world.

The history of the

to start the green shoe mechanism after the largest financing company for GM in 2010 after the listing of financing amounted to $23 billion 100 million, followed by the Agricultural Bank of China, 2010 Shanghai and Hong Kong listed $21 billion 900 million financing.

The bell

listed a total of 8, respectively, two Taobao shop owner, courier, user representatives, service providers, network providers and cloud service Amoy girl models, another is from American farmers, Pete · Brugger cherry orchard, he sold through Tmall earth on the other one end of the China.

and Ma and Alibaba partners and staff representatives chose to stand under the table for the 8 ecological partners applauded.

Investors bullish Alibaba

the largest IPO in the history of the world, by the enthusiastic pursuit of global investors. Alibaba in September 8th to start a global roadshow, roadshow second days when the subscription has been completed.

Partners fund Wedgewood chief investment officer David Rolfe said that such a popular IPO, they have been waiting for a long time. Alibaba is a great growth story in the next 10-15 years, there will be enough time to learn more about Alibaba.

investment bank JG analyst Henry Guo said in an interview with the media, said $68 pricing is too conservative for Alibaba. He believes that the valuation of Alibaba should be between 2300-2400 billion, because Alibaba in China and the international market is still >

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