At the Dragon do not say Baidu search promotion about little known image promotion

September, Baidu pictures on the promotion of the line, but in addition to Baidu 100 million yuan free picture promotion show bit feedback program, it seems nothing relevant news.

first look at the Baidu image promotion: each keyword is only 6 promotion position, first come first served, charge for the annual fee, do not calculate the amount of hits.

concept is good, but many people have not yet understood and accepted. I believe many wedding photos will search for wedding pictures usually, this picture is applicable to promotion, but the wedding photography will be charged 126400 yuan / year, photography is only 22000 yuan / year, and I do believe that every person will choose to do network marketing the words "photography". Photography and the greater the coverage, but not so precise. Baidu image promotion has 5 "photography" keywords sold, there are already on the line, of which 2 are related to the wedding photography.


Baidu pictures to promote the official website


pictures in the promotion of "photography"


picture promotion price system

Baidu image promotion:

Baidu pictures promotion price query:

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