Feng Xiaohai buy traditional nternet Co can do

ifeng.com Francisco April 25th news, happy net days before announcing the firing of some group purchase site staff, involving hundreds of people. Although happy network said the layoffs are only business adjustment, the group is still the focus of this year’s business, but also about how long the site can also fire the fire. In this regard, full network CEO Feng Xiaohai on ifeng.com said, group purchase was not traditional Internet Co can do, the future market will be group purchase several dominate.

Feng Xiaohai appears in the group purchase market follow "Heng Qiang strong, the weak weak cross" rules, therefore, the current pattern of the domestic group purchase website actually has been basically formed, especially large group purchase website that several have a larger market basically does not have too big change, not to be several dominate.

technical threshold is low, the operating threshold is high, Feng Xiaohai believes that although many Internet giants have to test the water to buy, but did not really realize the essence of buying or rely on operations. By the traditional Internet Co users can not be able to do a good job, he did not even think that the group has been able to do the traditional Internet Co. "Businesses need not only discount, but good marketing strategy and good group purchase brand", he is expected in the second half of this year there will be more obvious in the distance you opened the group purchase website home, then enter the resources you want to dominate the basic unlikely.

happy network to buy the significance of the business adjustment is to reduce the size of the two or three line of the city to buy the team, focusing on human resources and resources to do the key cities. Another group purchase site meituan recently took the initiative to close the four city of Chifeng, Longyan, Yulin, Ma’anshan branch. If the city really "hold" group purchase? Feng Xiaohai agrees, he said from the beginning of last year the group purchase spread to a second tier city now, netizens have largely accepted the group purchase group purchase, and has increasingly become rigid demand for their. But for the three or four tier cities, Feng Xiaohai bluntly investment costs will be high, not the absolute value of the amount invested, but the gap between investment and return. From the user perspective, the number of users of small population base in the three or four line of the city have also reduced, and had few netizens online shopping habits of people is less and less, but also can accept the new model of group purchase probability no discount. From the point of view of the business, due to the small business monopoly situation is more serious, the lack of fierce competition, businesses do not need to buy this platform for their own promotion or publicity.

industry insiders believe that in the background of the fire industry group purchase group purchase website, all can not be blind expansion. The four line of the city really accept group purchase, may be two or three years of time, during this period, the consumptive ability of the large and medium-sized city, is the fertile soil for the survival of the group purchase website.

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