QQ space marketing how to avoid reporting

micro-blog WeChat or QQ space, we all need to avoid a problem, that is, we are reported. Maybe sometimes we did what was reported in the case of no knowledge, this will let us feel injustice. This is because some of our friends lead us to malicious reports.

so how should we QQ space to avoid malicious reports of us?

first: turn off comment function

close the comment function, this is mainly to do when we meet advertising, this is what we need to see the type of advertising, if we feel that the content of the advertising component is very large, so we need to pay attention, but these ads sent out, so we are very to report this fact, we can change a point of view, if we do, all you see is advertising, so a large part of people will be ignored, but there are still a majority of people will feel heart uncomfortable, it will choose to cancel on you for your attention even the report.

can we close the comment on the influence of some interactive fans, after all, before we had made some say, there must be a friend will comment on, so we closed it leads us directly before the contents of friends can not participate.

second: avoid advertising content

avoid advertising, this for us, we do these popular space to the final profit, so our profit is from where come? We see most is our advertising, but this is not a long time, if we are to report more, so we are very easy to be reported the. May sometimes be a week or half a month, so our space can be lifted, and sometimes may be permanently closed frequency.

here we need to pay attention to is usually need to pay attention to the dynamics of our space, this is mainly:

1 album

why do we say that our album is also easy to break it? This is our space will be the first to find. When we can not access the space, the album will be found in the lower right picture because the violation can not be able to display the normal, then we need to remove these photos. In this way, we may miss some, it is best that we can two people together to check, a person checked, and then another person to check, so as to avoid us because of their carelessness and thus missed. In peacetime, we need to classify our photos, so that both our friends and easy to facilitate our search in the time to find the photos we need.


why do we say that our comments sometimes affect our space, because we have a lot of space will be used by others to sweep the software, this is mainly because of the number of our big

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