From entrepreneurship is so close

mentioned many times starting from high school, there is such a thought, when we want to own in that place, a small cafe, the main decoration for a good environment, high class, with coffee, tea and other service facilities around, is a good place, should be the cost of small business comparison good choice. At that time, I do not know what is called the market, do not know what customers, do not know how to market, not to mention the financial analysis, the company (team) operations.

suddenly entered the university end, feel the call of the society, the network programming technology of self-study, so I can earn their first bucket of gold in the University, but I don’t want to limited to this, I continue to pursue, I am a very stingy person, many things are trying to pursuit of perfection. Especially in the technical aspects.

today and the team members went to the California information port company, a business incubator, and the person in charge of their conversation, deep feelings, the first time I feel so close to entrepreneurship.

more than half an hour of conversation, in the light of the bright future, there are many places worth considering.

1 a positive team, after I went to college to learn more about his importance. The Japanese do very well, strong collaboration skills. There is an old saying in China, "one chopstick is easy to break, and the other is hard to break.". His group team, junior and senior high school football team, University studio, now the entrepreneurial team, personally think that their awareness of the team is still relatively strong, if you want their performance record, record for a long time, I think is not only a person can do, need to have the team. Of course, the team is not only a group of people gathered together, the pursuit of common goals, and strong execution, degree of adhesion between the team, is a prerequisite for successful entrepreneurial team. During this time, I hope to have a their own team, they may be uneven, they may not a character, but they have a common ideal, the common goal, this is the most important.

2 can not be a powerful and unconstrained style entrepreneurial ideas too observant of conventional standards. in thought, what others want, what do you want to follow, not something, others do not want to think, do what others do, of course, all this is based on the legal and moral violation, a powerful and unconstrained style ideas, often let you have great the pursuit of the pursuit, will produce a hard power, a power driven side behavior, with the correct behavior in order to be successful, these are a series of action reaction, so people think the idea is very important, but also want to have something to "realistic masterpiece", some people think love is. Those unrealistic thoughts, I agree with is the related experience, thinking on this basis, these ideas are useful.

3 after careful consideration after a powerful and unconstrained style as many people often wash hot bath, then doing the doing, want to.

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