nteractive Encyclopedia Pan Haidong Jiangsu 09 years of talks to stationmaster profit

The first Jiangsu

webmaster grassroots party "2009 Jiangsu station cum Jiangsu (Nanjing) Internet Forum (500 scale) was officially opened on 11.7 in Jiangsu, Nanjing University in Nanjing science and Technology Museum, the largest annual event in Jiangsu area was well-known webmaster guests from various national recognition. From the current enrollment situation, from the beginning of the meeting there are more than a month when the site has been close to the 500 places of registration, those who wish to apply for registration. At the same time to participate in the promotion of the site has nearly two hundred stations, the current enrollment is still continuing to heat, the annual meeting of the special group to join the number of nearly more than 300 people, as well as more grassroots participation in the webmaster.

the meeting has also been well-known webmaster guests from all over the country to congratulate, including Hua Jun, hooligans, refusing to swim fish, Zhuang Liangji, Cai Liwen, Wang, figure Zhu Mingyue, Fan Qing, Qian Yu for the 09 annual meeting of the Jiangsu station message, for the conference have expressed their congratulations at the same time, with the theme of the conference is to talk about their views, many guests also put forward advice to the conference, the organizing committee have benefited. Interactive Encyclopedia as one of the organizers of the conference, a long time and organizer of Yan and Huang network have a good cooperation, and launched a special edition hdWIKI+DEDECMS package integration Yanhuang network in the near future, to provide more owners to use. Especially as the head of the Interactive Encyclopedia of this year’s webmaster influential man Interactive Encyclopedia CEO Pan Haidong also on the conference attracted enough attention, the day before accept a simple interview conference organizer Yanhuang old K, but also for the 09 Jiangsu station will send his message.

Pan Haidong, current interactive online CEO. Once Renya business online chief information officer. Pan Haidong received a PhD from Boston University, a master’s degree from Tsinghua University and a bachelor’s degree from University of Science and Technology Beijing. Is the Ninth National Youth Committee and the National Youth Federation of Overseas Friendship association. Founded in 2005 Wiki website interactive online. Interactive Encyclopedia is currently the world’s largest Chinese Wikipedia website, while providing the source code for the download Wikipedia free use, there are already more than 1 million users.

in this exchange in general for the first 09 Jiangsu webmaster annual meeting expressed congratulations, and wish the conference a complete success, the following is an interview record:

asked: Hello, I am the "09 annual meeting of the Jiangsu webmaster" Organizing Committee of the old K, first of all thank you for the attention and support of the Internet in Jiangsu, what do you want to say to us Jiangsu webmaster?

answer: I hope that through this meeting to get to know more webmaster friends, while we discuss the development of the internet.

: let’s talk about how you feel about Nanjing:

answer: Nanjing has a long history, many ancient capital. Came to Nanjing University is to feel the profound historical connotation of the city and Nanjing people warm and open mind.


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