Zhang Jiakun Baidu M to see the development pattern of China’s M market in the end who is the win

Zhang Jiakun / text

recently came news that Baidu is also about to develop its own IM (instant messaging), since Baidu intends to enter the C2C market, the development of IM is also a necessity. Because of the development of C2C e-commerce platform, on-line, we must use a timely communication tools to achieve the communication between the user and the user, the most convenient to achieve sales. Not with the idea of QQ, Wangwang, MSN and other tools I think is the Internet must not let outsiders fields remain, and that some of the instant messaging tool is a C2C commodity trading platform.

IM market competition is intense, but who has the final winner? The final market is how to divide? We first analysis of the current several kinds of communication tools positioning and market?

QQ: a powerful entertainment is known, the vast majority of China’s IM market monopoly, but also the highest user penetration rate of IM, it can be said that QQ has become China’s Internet users in addition to the phone outside the second contact.

: UC had just developed on the line after the hot moment, everyone in their UC, timely registration, later acquired by sina. At that time, QQ is restricting the registration, the implementation of the registration fee (cell phone registration). Later, QQ consciousness to play a strong competitive pressure UC, and actively take measures to promote the UC did not promptly corrected, resulting in the end no user. Limit only part of sina users to use.

Taobao / Wangwang Ali trade and trade last year: want to achieve the integration, collectively referred to as Ali Wangwang. Its positioning is mainly on the Ali platform and Taobao commodity consultation timely communication. For users to communicate in a timely manner to facilitate the effective promotion of commodity trading. Conform to the user habits, in the "direct click on Ali Wangwang will be able to achieve communication. Taobao has become the largest Chinese C2C platform, use it can rapidly expand the prosperous.

MSN: the same nature and the nature of QQ, are based on natural user communication function. MSN positioning in the world, serving the international user and user communication. Therefore, the work of office workers, multinational companies, countries, such as the use of MSN.

In addition to the above several kinds of IM:


up to now IM can be divided into two main categories:

first: serving the entire network user communication. Such as: QQ, MSN, ICQ,

second: serving a portal or an area. Such as: Ali Wangwang, YAHOO, Xiaonei etc..

through the above analysis, summary and Internet user habits I come to the following point:

services in the entire Internet IM will still be QQ, MSN monopoly. QQ occupy the domestic market, MSN occupy the global market. Other IM tools to go directly into this area may be very small, unless the two companies what major destruction

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