The history status quo and future possibilities of B2B vertical electricity supplier in China

since the Alibaba B2B business in 2012 delisting, for B2B electricity supplier, no more than a year more lively. In 2015, a series of traditional vertical field of chemical industry, shipping, agriculture, cloth B2B business and have obtained financing raging like a storm.

in the shipping field as an example, the "shipping city" to get it real fund Angel round ten million yuan level financing, "where" get the source capital A round of $ten million financing level, "Lady dog net" the parent company only technology to get A round of financing of nearly $20 million, "dimensional transport network to get 10 million yuan Angel round financing…… Are you Changba me play, very lively, it is understood that the current domestic large and small shipping B2B business platform is close to 50.

2B business, unlike the internet order a meal, buy movie tickets, they root soil is one of the traditional industries, and these industries have a traditional mode of operation, the business logic is not too familiar with the outsiders. In order to avoid the US Internet "laymen watch, in CSCL, Alibaba did the author, for everyone with analyzing a recent hot shipping business.

first, the basic structure of the shipping industry chain


When a

(consignor of import and export trade enterprises), need to get the goods from domestic and exported to foreign countries, the need by freight forwarders (freight) to the real carrier (shipping companies booking). This is a bit like we buy air tickets, many times, we are not directly to the airline to buy, but through third party ticket agency. At present, the world famous shipping companies have Maersk (MSK), CMA-CGM (CMA), Mediterranean Shipping (MSC), Chinese COSCON (COSCO) / CSCL (CSCL) etc..

only in the shipping field, the chain will be longer, between shippers and carriers often have two or three layers, even more levels of the freight forwarding company. In addition to a freight forwarding (the industry known as the "banker") really have a lot of space ship company, other level more forwarders is playing the "moving bricks", "cattle" role, the use of asymmetric information, opaque, pocketing the difference.

and these do not have the technical content of the freight forwarding business, it is now hot shipping electricity providers want to replace the object. Data show that, along with the rapid development of China’s import and export trade, as the logistics service side of the number of freight forwarding enterprises are also increasing, at present, the country’s large and small freight forwarding enterprises have more than 20. But as we all know, from the beginning of this year, China’s foreign trade in the form of severe, some no technical content of low level freight forwarders also ushered in the collapse of the tide.

in addition to shipping booking, shipment to be successfully exported to foreign countries, we still need to complete the following steps:

1, container trailer: the goods from the customer’s factory or warehouse, transport to the shipping company specified >

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