Song Zibo Crystal shopping network is still mainly rely on search engine marketing

April 24th, the fifth session of the SME e-commerce application development conference held in Shenzhen today, the theme of the meeting is: transformation and upgrading as the theme. All outstanding e-commerce business representatives (including Alibaba, global market, Dunhuang, etc.), relevant experts and scholars and many excellent small and medium-sized enterprise executives gathered to discuss the new development trend of small and medium-sized enterprises Chinese e-commerce application.

in the emerging e-commerce industry interaction, crystal shopping network CEO Song Zibo published a low-cost operation, search engine is the first choice of the theme of the speech.

Song Zibo said that the market in 2008 after three months of investigation and analysis, to understand the crystal industry e-commerce opportunities for large crystal industry in the Taobao C2C platform set up shop and well run as high as more than 3 thousand, while the total sales shop a year up to hundreds of millions of dollars, this does not include some small B2C platform. So the decision result is great cake, and these small businesses have several fatal weakness: the product quality is uneven in quality, shoddy, lack of credit, which gave us a great opportunity, so we started this project crystal shopping network. At that time the orientation of the crystal shopping network is: do the natural crystal industry authentic shopping site!

after 09 years of toil, crystal shopping network has rapidly become the industry leader in electronic commerce, natural crystal B2C market share exceeded 37% for marketing, Song Zibo said, the crystal shopping network is the main search engine marketing, community marketing and some two pieces, from the beginning, team light plan capital operation, while supporting the continuous injection of Saint crystal Museum, but the team management is more hope that the money is mainly used for the development of new products and the creation of the next line store experience, these are the concerns of consumer interests, for marketing, crystal shopping network early almost zero investment, early by some communities marketing, bring some customers, interim SEO according to the popular keywords, gathered a group of enthusiastic users, for users to do client Management, increase the viscosity of the site, and focus on word of mouth marketing, so that customers bring customers.

at present, the search of natural crystal class popular keywords in the search engine giant Baidu, Google and other sites, crystal shopping network almost all entered the top three pages, the core keywords, we are at the top of the first page of the first few, in the case of Baidu, in the Baidu search ", in front of the crystal" to get rid of a few a fee (do PPC), we are fifth natural ranking, the first four are non e-commerce enterprises; search "Amethyst", we ranked third (the first is Wikipedia, the second is known); search "Obsidian" we came in third (the same is the encyclopedia first, Baidu pictures is second ·); · · · like many, like these are crystal popular keywords, many consumers is to search the keywords to find the way to buy crystal, so not only the traffic Big, and high quality, so I

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