Part of the school website of Yangzhou Hanjiang District did not record the result of Hanjiang educa

recently, several major ministries and the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of industry and other countries combined rectify the bad information and did not record the site. As part of the school district website I did not record, resulting in Hanjiang education network the entire network segment was closed, the site also cannot access the Hanjiang education.

education center from now on, filing for all schools in the region into the site verification, where no record (record) or record the failure of the school website, audio-visual center will be closed. All closed sites must be filed before opening. Please attach great importance to the work of the school record, log on to the Ministry website as soon as possible, according to the relevant requirements for the record.

site filing method:

a, check whether it has been properly filed: log on click on the record query, and enter their own domain name query.

two, submitted for the record: landing to the Ministry of industry website, according to the page description for the record.

three, download the file: after the completion of the record, please log in the Ministry of the user to download the file background, according to the requirements of the file will be uploaded to the appropriate location of the site, and the record number placed at the bottom of the page. So as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the verification process.

four, the scope of the record: all through the domain name to access to the page, whether it is URL forwarding or pointing to the default page, you need to record. On the record of the domain name, stop DNS resolution.

Hanjiang District Education Bureau in strict compliance with national laws and regulations, strict implementation of the server "first record access" principle, for fraud, phishing, PW and harmful information website will be shut down according to the provisions of the state, has made a record number of schools and Education Center opened please contact Li Cheng.

Hanjiang District Education Bureau audio-visual center

two eighty in December 22nd nine

we are in Hanjiang many school website no one asked for the stage, there are now 10 school site was closed, and the school leaders have not found their website was shut down, because they have nothing to do not see the school website, sadly, our school website 10 days delinquent, our administrators do not tell us leadership that leadership is not concerned, the so-called digital campus education is full of fake


no wonder now the station closed thinking, usually ask his development, illegal things seal seal. TV is not good, break off the wire, the world quiet!

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