Putian’s first super million domain trading Pass 0594 com price 1 million 330 thousand yuan

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) news December 29th, Putian housing network company Putian City Housing Network Information Technology Co. Ltd., acquired the domain name 0594.com, transfer transaction price reached 1 million 336 thousand and 660 yuan, according to media reports, the deal is Putian a first super million domain name transactions, creating a new record of Putian domain name transaction market.



: Putian real network

Pu Real is a professional website to provide the latest Putian area real estate comprehensive information mainly, based on the Putian City real estate market booming, is committed to provide professional consulting services for the real estate industry in Putian city. Putian real network official website is the opening of the "Putian real estate" 5 letter domain name ptfdc.com.


domain name 0594.com was registered in November 2001, the number 0594 for the Putian City area, is a regional symbol of Putian, with large commercial potential. It is understood that the company is the value of the domain of strong regional characteristics, decided to high priced acquisition, to enhance the brand image of the real network po.

in the domain name market, the domain name is always a beautiful landscape, with its natural advantages to build local portal site, easy to remember and digital domain, from the establishment scope of benefits, for terminal like, usually the 4 digital domain name more than the price of District No. in 6 digits, the 0594.com Trading price of up to one million yuan, it seems the Po housing network is also under the original capital.

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