Fresh electricity supplier multi point strategic change to help the supermarket to make money

at the end of March this year, the line has more complex attributes. Many reports view before, many media different definitions for fresh electricity supplier, electricity providers, O2O distributed service platform, and even fresh electricity, super company to run errands to run errands.

but after a few months of operation, multi point of development seems to gradually clear. Multi-point Liu Jiangfeng pointed out: we have to do is to help the line under the super upgrade to help the entire line of retail chain upgrade."


"before we speak of the cloud, everyone thought I was going to do 001 community patterns, we actually do 2C ‘home service’ 2B; also, is the solution line supermarkets provide Internet based and system." Multi-point Liu Jiangfeng admits.

repositioning: allow providers to take over active

2B in the end, more to their re position: first, more will be the next line of the chain supermarkets as their product suppliers (mainly fresh category), hoping to super decades of accumulated supply chain capabilities. But the role of the supplier is clearly not a good way to mobilize the enthusiasm of the line supermarkets, are difficult to eliminate line super business electricity supplier for shunt user concerns.

therefore, more decided to convert ideas, so that the line super occupy the active position, super partners can choose whether to operate independently of its opening in multi platform shops, and will become a super system solution provider.

"we are now developing a whole system. The next line, as long as you get a system of our account and password on the line, you do not have to build the system, and can be more direct shop. These providers can operate independently of online stores, electricity providers to carry out business." Liu Jiangfeng introduction, so that the supermarket can be sold in the whole channel of goods.

it is reported that more than the next line to help the super shelf management, space management, inventory management, user management system upgrade. "The system will be very clear to the supermarket problems on the table, these problems are not seen before the supermarket, or can not see the solution." Liu Jiangfeng said.

at present, more than the point of commitment to online sales and promotion of all the work, its membership system, integral system, order system has been fully opened up with partners.

but from the description of Liu Jiangfeng, but also revealed that more than still want to control the pricing and sale of goods front end, do not want to have no experience of the operator’s own super shop front end. The user is the largest number of points in the hands of the weight, if more than enough to provide enough partners to provide users and orders, will help to control the two sides of the cooperation model.

Liu Jiangfeng revealed that this year the number of users to reach more than 5 million to 6 million. According to the multi joint founder Li Wenzhi at the end of July, more from the trial operation in March 31st, the highest daily sales.

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