Wang Tong how to develop e book marketing

my free ebook "web site operations research" released a few years, only in 2007, the amount of downloads more than 100 thousand times, more than 600 thousand times, and achieved a very good network marketing results. Today, to share with you to promote the use of e-books strategy.

this article will share with you the following experience:

l how to plan attractive e-books?

l how easy to make e-books?

l how to make tens of thousands of sites to help you promote e-books?

l how to promote the effect of e-book statistics

a, how to plan attractive e-books

so when you’re planning an ebook, be sure to figure it out:

1, what benefits do you have with your ebook?

2, there are similar e-books do not


I’m in the earliest time online "operation of Web site" e-book, mainly to see the country no one on the website of the books, at the same time, I wrote a series of web research articles is very popular. So I sort out the details of their research articles, and then made the book. The introduction of a special welcome!

For example:

in the decoration company, can basic: "family decoration guide", "financial financial advisor can write a small manual", "how can a lawyer lawsuit", the photographer can do "XXX

" collection of photographic works

remember: e-book content does not need to engage in as much content as the traditional book let a person see the head, there are dozens more let the user see the good article can be made into a book.

two, how easy to make e-books:

e-book production is very simple, you can write directly to a word document inside, and then do a good job of typesetting, the word document directly saved as a PDF format to save e-books.

, however, I suggest not to make PDF format, because there are a lot of friends inside the computer does not have a PDF document browser, so that these users can not read.

I suggest the e-book into EXE format, so that any computer can be opened!

how to do it?

1, find a simple web page template, and then an article to do a web page,

2, are done, then do a directory page, these directories and hyperlinks to the title.

3, and finally to the Internet to find a free e-book production software, click on the mouse, said these web documents into a EXE format e-books on the Ok.

how to find these software?

to Google or 100 >

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