People shop in December can continue to engage in it

[] Zhou Xiaoer review also recently learned that universal shop activities deadline from November 30th extended to December 31st, Zhou Xiaoer recently did not pay attention to the shop, but also a careful friend told the second week of the news, check the official Alipay micro-blog Zhou Xiaoer in the morning, there is no relevant notice. It seems that the money has not enough money to burn, let the money burn for a while…


well, for now the shop is not so easy to do, according to a friend of WeChat’s introduction, Alipay city basic service providers the market opened, the operation steps, increase business license and so on steps, can only say that this work is not easy to do.


spit bad, say something valuable, why is that merchants settled in reputation, Alipay? This is actually solve the user pain points of your problem, but you have to face the end of B (business), but not C (end user). In fact, the general method, just like the object, learn empathy, stand on the other side of the problem.

, Alipay will bring me


simple and rough, if it is so easy to achieve profitability, then, to find the door should be a businessman. Zhou Xiaoer thought, you don’t choose the next line of business transformation and online integration, sooner or later will suffer, do not believe but the words can’t say Let’s wait and see it.

two, Alipay’s reputation and the advantages and disadvantages of

service window

in the O2O loop, online marketing, publicity and promotion, online traffic diverted to the line on the consumer experience, trading; feedback line consumer user experience line under direct users to online communication, online experience, that is from Online to Offline, then back on the line. The following two aspects from the perspective of word of mouth and service window.

1, flow


and Alipay traffic is obvious to people you, Alipay after ten years of accumulation, the user base is relatively perfect, and the Alipay app will flow back, a push, and to word-of-mouth diversion, if so, the reputation of merchants in the localization of life – it is certainly beneficial, but settled in reputation no money for the list of their own businesses settled not only money, but also bring traffic, traffic is the source of economy. Alipay service window is only two level flow entrance, need to click on a friend to find the service window, specifically to see below.


2, pay

is the entire closed loop is a housekeeper, plays a very important role, Alipay has inherent advantages in payment, security, transaction efficiency obvious to people. In view of the recent Alipay on word-of-mouth attention today from two aspects of business and reputation Alipay service window Alipay payment scheme.

a, word of mouth business payment program >

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