16 year old attacked several Japanese shopping sites illegal profit of 22 thousand




, 16 year old teenager, stealing more than 3000 credit card information, illegal profits more than 20 thousand and 2 yuan (evening drawing Wu Si Bei)

evening news reporter Zhou Baiyi correspondent reported

day before, in the summary court Changning District court in Shanghai, a 16 year old boy to accept the criminal trial. His name is Zhao Xing, who is guilty of stealing and illegally providing credit card information, it is rare in this age of criminal offense.

for the first time in the dock, Zhao Xing cramped fear, but still maintained a good restraint and rationality, seems to be a smart and decent boy. Who can think of, like a teenager, but in other people’s behest, attacked several Japanese shopping sites, steal more than 3000 credit card information, illegal profits more than 20 thousand and 2 yuan. After the trial, the judge announced the court verdict, hearing the results, Zhao regret low head.


family was poor, teenagers living desire proficiency in a particular line of

Zhao Xing was born in a family of migrant workers, the father by Van breadwinner, mother to others do nanny, he and the school who are holding the I-phone, carrying bags of classmate go together. He even new clothes have to spend a long time to wait, and I do not know these fuel your students is really a disagreeable conversation. As he grew older, he was more than willing to spend his time alone at home playing computer games. The Internet world is not hierarchical, from which he finds more dignity and fun.

due to the low level of education of parents, no ability and no time to manage Zhao Xing, so he is not stupid, but the results have not been good. Parents see this case, just let him learn a day later or by technical proficiency in a particular line, eat. Because Zhao Xing has always been gifted on the computer, his parents let him go to a vocational and technical school, learning information technology. Thinking after graduation can have a college diploma, there is a job to make a living, but also to cultivate his son out.

this, Zhao Xingdao is quite satisfied, you can focus on what they are interested in. He believes that as long as their technical skills, can do things that others can not do, then the future is certainly not worry. Every day he strenuously cultivates professional knowledge, not satisfied with the limited content of the school classroom, often the Internet technology more intensive, or learning to master for senior.

According to

Zhao Xing’s mother said, in reality he seldom contact with others, turn off the computer in the room to play a home, parents are very difficult to communicate with him what, just know son very well behaved, unlike some boy net outside of trouble, so it is very safe.

garden for a long period of time in the network world, two or three years ago, Zhao Xing is thirteen years old, he met a man named Shi Jie in a QQ network technology group (a pseudonym) >

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