Mobile governance in the mass SMS messages in the network part of the network service exception


technology news on November 18th news, according to some friends broke the news, China Mobile mobile phone short message service of some Internet companies use abnormal phenomenon, the industry pass China Mobile has opened the prelude to a new round of regulation of spam messages.

network game "War Within Three Kingdoms" the announcement said, "early in the morning of November 11th, due to fluctuations in the network business, China Mobile mobile phone text messages related to temporarily unable to run normally, the affected areas are: account registration, login and password, SMS, SMS verification and so on, has contact related departments in emergency treatment, during this period the inconvenience please understanding

to you!"

other friends broke the news that China Mobile spam messages to a large number of decline, so the recent use of MAS to send text messages to the pain killer.

MAS business is mobile agent server business, the main function is for customers within the bulk SMS MMS, recently, CCTV broadcast on spam messages reported, China Mobile investigation found that there are some units using MAS port sending spam information.

at that time, China Mobile relevant responsible person said: China Mobile attaches great importance to the media to reflect the situation, the first time has instructed Sichuan mobile for verification, and in the whole group of emergency deployment requirements immediately carry out self-examination, firmly close the loopholes in management, effectively increase the intensity, crack down on spam messages.

a small amount of Internet enterprise management in the use of bulk SMS is chaotic, if it is to borrow someone else’s MAS business qualification, may be affected by China Mobile against the customer group sending short mms. (Kang Zhao)

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