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Tencent technology Lou pool reported on April 23rd

Diaobingshan is a county-level city in Tieling city of Liaoning Province under the jurisdiction of, because of numerous coal mines with resource driven economy, the average income of most families in this area more Tieling city to the higher part, like most of the 46 class city, but young people often surf the Internet, not many people know the arrival of the mobile the Internet boom.

The mobile phone

in the streams of people busily coming and going on the street, almost every mobile phone shop had a China Mobile mobile phone shop signs, we do not know whether this is the mobile publicity strategy, mobile business hall staff did not know that what is the relationship with their mobile phone shop.

3G network for most people here have no direct significance, but if you open WeChat or unfamiliar street, you will find around the user growth than a few months ago very quickly, in dozens of young people began to mingle with a few middle-aged or elderly, perhaps because the city is too small, but the real picture is less and less, more and more people show their desire to carefully communicate.

the next ten years, urbanization model is not such a deep wide north Super City, in first-tier cities, how to take root in this small town, this is all the mobile Internet business challenges.

mobile phone address book migration opportunities

Wang Yang claimed to be the town to sell the most intelligent mobile phone sales, compared to other stores, his mobile phone shop whether area or manpower are obviously insufficient, compared with other mobile phone mobile phone shop, a superb collection of beautiful things, he is doing business is very simple, large screen mobile phone Samsung Mobile phone, smart copycat smuggled goods over iPhone and 2 new models priced at 800 yuan the.

Wang Yang’s clients are mostly by word, sell refurbished iPhone have no money but love Apple’s students, smuggled goods and cheap copycat mobile phone Samsung mobile phone smart consumer demand for products sold to two kinds of completely different, compared with other mobile phone store on the street, his killer is the mail list synchronization.

he is from parents introduced to the uncles customer that found this opportunity, this group of 40 – year-old users is China Mobile’s old customers, old Sim card can save 150 or 200 mobile phone number, there are often more contacts every kind of mobile phone, some people even give up because the communication record transfer the replacement of mobile phone.

Wang Yang solved the problem in a clumsy way, between Symbian, Android and iOS mail list synchronization problem, he gave QQ synchronization assistant, to separate registration of a common QQ; and other older mobile phone platform and MTK copycat machine, he will download the relevant drivers and software. Convert VCF, vCard and CSV and other kinds of communication between various types of synchronization and record format, to copy software to mobile phone.

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