Online education a revolution that will last ten years

why Scarlett Lang will say online education is an ongoing ten year reform movement? First of all, from the time of nodes; secondly, the industry reshuffle is not a short duration of time; three is a large educational institutions have nothing; finally, the reform of education system.


now, the Internet has become obsolete the old economic structure, reconstruction of the new era of economic tools, following the medical, financial have been transferred after the seats, education can not be spared. A field with vigour and vitality of education reform, the streams of people busily coming and going. Whether it is already living in Cao Ying, still in educational institutions will inevitably wait for the right price to sell, become the main force of the revolution.

then changed its name to the good future, billion yuan investment in the baby trees and other major action, more consistently considered after Education launched a strong E science, from the beginning of the ordinary products, evolved into today’s strategic products; even in the domestic leading education for more than ten years of New Oriental has failed to cope with Enron treatment, from the beginning perfunctory, to the big four layout is now: chikae – the original project, digging internal core support internal entrepreneurship, relatives – External escort for acquisition, client – do investment institutions, and adhere to the strategic integration of online and offline. If you have to cite a lot that is beyond count, but as a veteran of the educational institutions is not short-sighted see the rise of online education, rashly approach. However, they are well versed in a Machiavellian and thoughtful person, see the market situation over the years, they found that sad, do not immediately begin to change, it will become history.

According to

Chinese economic data show that the first half of 2014, the domestic online education investment amounted to 2 billion 500 million yuan, foreign online education investment totaled 2 billion 400 million yuan, 500 million yuan in August at the same time not less than 1 billion yuan of investment, in October, a preliminary estimate of 2014 year domestic online education investment of up to 50-80 billion yuan, estimated total investment of global online education the billions.

as an investment with tens of billions of market, and the estimated 2015 the online education market of up to hundreds of billions of market share, why not lead the people favor, it is normal. At the same time, the education product is a relatively persistent product, so any online education investment is not a short time to get what you want. For now the voice of the market questioned above, such as online education profit model, online education model, the degree of acceptance of students and parents, pay and free and so on, are within the scope of control. Jia Lang did not expect to solve these problems in just a few years, even decades of traditional education institutions have failed to resolve their problems, not to mention the development of a market for only a few years (from the first year of the date).

throughout the online education market, many educational institutions squeeze in the angel round or no investment stage. As the first entry, the primary task is to survive, look at so many veteran online education institutions with the help of this wave quickly become a star enterprise, get rid of the shackles of countless; and for the already in the wheel or A

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