Stationmaster net broadcast the balance of treasure operator two shareholders with the United States

1 ant gold suit sued Inner Mongolia Junzheng: signed the agreement not funded  


has launched the balance of treasure for a year and a half, but the Alibaba’s payment service but until now that the ants have not got the Celestica fund 51% of the shares, in a rage, will also participate in the Celestica fund capital Inner Mongolia Jun warned on arbitration. The reason behind gradually emerge, in the end who is blocking


an outside world that has been settled in the middle of last year, the stock has been settled, in fact, until now has not yet reached.

interface news reporter was informed that, due to the payment of funds is not paid Inner Mongolia Jun, ant gold fund shares have not yet completed the day of the fund.

2 Zhou Hongyi: 360 to go running like Agam  

news January 4th, 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi published today entitled "run 360" inside the letter, said that in 2014 360 the concept of "Reboot", Reboot is restarted, return to the business of the state, in the face of the upcoming 2015, and we want to say, please "Run" up, run, go, in a pioneering early heart.

Zhou Hongyi said, 360 to run like Agam, "Agam is not smart, but he is stubborn, persistent, tough. No matter what other people think or think, he will keep running."

3 U.S. mission in 2014 turnover exceeded 46 billion: the next step is one hundred billion yuan O2O platform  

annual turnover exceeded 46 billion yuan, representing an increase of 180%; group purchase market share of 60%, compared to last year increased 7 percentage points; covering the city of nearly 1000, representing an increase of 400%; the number of nationwide cooperative businesses more than 80, 300% more than last year, just past 2014, the U.S. group net to hand over this a performance test. U.S. group official said that the United States has gone through a year of rapid growth in the group, the pattern of the formation of the basic pattern of buying 721.

"721 pattern" refers to 2011, the U.S. mission network founder Wang Xing Technology NetEase in an interview said that the final group purchase market ranked first in market share accounted for about 70%, second may account for 20% of the third other and share the remaining 10%. It appears that the basic formation of the description is basically true.

4 micro fun social economy, people and goods one true love is

believe it or not, Chinese have entered the middle class mainstream society, regardless of whether the wallet is full, at least the young consumer has reached this level, more and more young people to choose their own style, you will see the tattoo more and more young people, more and more spiritual consumption Totem will appear. Do business for them.

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