National top level domain CN return to China for 20 years

[Abstract] the computer network center of Chinese Academy of Sciences completed the setting of the.CN server in the year of]1994, which made the domain name no longer subject to foreign countries.

this year is the 20 year of the country’s top domain name.CN return to china. Yesterday, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held a news conference to celebrate the return of the national domain name.

May 21, 1994, "Chinese father of the Internet" and Professor Qian Tianbai of University of Karlsruhe professor Zorn Werner of Germany, to assist the computer network information center Chinese academy completed China top-level domain name.CN server settings, change the.CN top-level domain name server Chinese has been on the history of foreign countries. From the perspective of national security, once a particular event occurs, if the foreign domain name for our company no longer provide DNS, then all of our businesses and individuals registered the domain name will not be resolved, can not be accessed. The.CN domain name you can take certain measures to ensure the country still can run in both directions unblockedly.