Look at the advantages of B2B from the perspective of economic policy

quoted the Shanghai securities news, the latest article shows, this year will be the most complex year of China’s economy, economic growth will likely show a high before the low trend. Data show that in the four quarter of 2009, the GDP growth rate showed a quarter by quarter trend, respectively, 6.2%, 7.9%, 9.1% and 10.7%, but this year’s average annual growth rate of GDP was predicted to be $9.9%. Through the analysis of the economic situation this year, the difficulties facing how to effective economic policy guidance, to keep the economy stable and excessive, accelerate the transformation of economic growth, to find new economic growth points.

economists believe that in 2010 the economy will go to extremes. If there is no timely policy adjustments, the domestic economic trends show a downhill trend, it is not alarmist. But also have the opposite view, China Reform Foundation National Institute director Fang Gang said: "the 2010 Chinese economy will enter a period of prosperity, prosperity does not only refer to the rate of economic growth level, more important is the 2010 government investment will continue to play an important role, but non government investment and demand began to recover to a reasonable the level of."

in addition, after the central economic work conference, people got the message from in the past year, investment led economic growth structural adjustment this year, not only produces pressure on the 2010 to achieve the goal of steady growth, will become a great power of economic growth driving force structure change; international economic slow recovery situation and provide a large-scale import and export trade on China international trade surplus growth will resume the contribution to economic growth; continue to maintain a stable monetary policy, appropriate management of inflation expectations; the adjustment of industrial structure, industrial revitalization plan, promote regional development, especially with the cultivation of innovation in emerging industries; actively and steadily promote urbanization and to strengthen the affordable housing and other livelihood projects; to strengthen the affordable housing and other livelihood projects; the last point Is the support of small business financing, the focus of the policy may be more conducive to the promotion of more vulnerable private capital investment, to promote more effective and more competitive state-owned capital investment.

from the above policy guidance, the author believes that the focus of concern for enterprises, mainly in the above mentioned two points. The first is for the emerging industry attention, we know that Baidu and Google search portal and Alibaba, HC and other B2B professional business portal, in their respective fields to highlight their own uniqueness. As a new industrial project, we must pay attention to help more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to find business opportunities on the network, it is not only search, but also provide B2B business platform for enterprises. This is a comprehensive, need to go through all kinds of hardships, but from the point of view of the natural law of the development of things, new things are a big space for development.

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