Micro blog enterprise marketing of the five tips

in the new marketing, learn fun micro-blog is a compulsory course for enterprises. At the same time obsessed with micro-blog, but also learn to control the risk of spreading micro-blog.

says the focus of attention, micro-blog said second, I’m afraid not what dare to fight first. Wear on the people can not pick down, did not wear people competing to wrap up, has become a new era of marketing must be a single product. The recent Sina micro-blog high-profile launch of the new domain name, but also triggered unlimited reverie, attracting many international brands have local collar body, seemingly overnight into the "micro-blog marketing" era.

a new era of marketing need light tools, micro-blog just have time propagation characteristics of fragmentation, no center, from the media, the accumulation of high activity popular users, so that all businesses apparently irresistible. Now this era, enterprises do not have a micro-blog official is not too embarrassed. More intelligent, such as BMW’s Mini Cooper, in addition to the official "Mini China", also encourage dealers and club organization "Mini house", the "Mini club" and other folk micro-blog, multi-level interaction with the fans; Eastern is more abundant, "Eastern Lingyan" micro-blog flight attendants appeal with nearly 100 has a high degree of recognition of "Eastern maintenance" official micro-blog, make the communication level, angle, topic and stereo affinity. Through the microcirculation of penetration, user acceptance of the brand concept and spirit of enterprise will come naturally.

does not lose in the social marketing of the starting line – is the original motivation of the enterprise dabbling in micro-blog. In fact, the enterprise in the lead micro-blog control in the process, often have to go through three realms. The first is the "cold river in the snow", micro-blog as a marketing device, either wordless, or devoid of substance, it is in the automatic speaking alone in waiting, "powder" and "being transferred". The second is the shadow into three people, a clear micro-blog’s functions and positioning, such as the establishment of brand, customer service, online business and other complementary micro-blog, into the team combat state. The third is "everyone firewood flame high", the official micro-blog based on the clear positioning, and the composition of corporate executives, sales and service staff personal business micro-blog, micro-blog brand and folk club with the echoes, the formation of micro-blog ecosystem with high viscosity. But the stones will inevitably stumbling, want to become "micro-blog speed control" to catch up with the trend, there is a simple "five tips" is the first professional class enterprise micro-blog fun.

The first is the personification of

: set from the name, picture, background, to answer and forward the language, at least can smell some flavor is a prerequisite for success or not. Compared zhengjinweizuo brand name, "Vancl fans", "master" the name looks feel close.

simplification is an inevitable requirement. If the integrated marketing emphasizes the scale and momentum, micro-blog marketing is more valued and cut edge. Abandon the bedding and furnishings, 140 words into the dagger find excitement, leading to the interpretation of the core is "is the concentrated essence". >

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