Electric puzzle catering O2O brand battle

restructuring at the beginning of this year, Alibaba has proposed to re create a Taobao from the local life and wireless areas". Half a year, from Taobao, Taobao, little movie client to provide the service life of the OFFER platform, Taobao life has developed a clear life 020 layout, and is changing the life with the Internet service model innovation.

survival worrying, food and beverage competition mode rapid upgrade

According to

reports, the first half of this year, the catering industry revenue to achieve 11795 yuan, an increase of 8.7%, down 4.5 percentage points over the same period last year, 4 percentage points lower than the same period the total retail sales of social consumer goods growth. The limit above units catering income 374 billion 300 million yuan, down 2.2%, a decline of basic monthly narrowed. At present, the overall level of sales of food and beverage industry is still relatively backward, but also stay in the traditional product marketing stage, competition means in addition to price war or price war.

High concentration of

in the market today, catering enterprises in the hand in a nice hobble situation, enterprises have their own conditions, the lack of economic strength, no scale and cost advantages, it is difficult to expand the market; on the other hand, the market environment continues to deteriorate, big brands continue to erode the market share, which affects the development of small and medium-sized catering enterprises brand but, even the survival is also facing challenges and threats. Catering enterprises in order to develop well, we must do a good job in five aspects of "change".

at present, most of the catering enterprises and regional brands, in the survival and development of the catering enterprises want to be in a nice hobble, from regional brands to national brands, the first to make yourself from a regional brand into local brand. Catering enterprises only make themselves a strong local brands, in order to better participate in the national market competition, it is possible to become a national brand.

but in the process of communication with many companies found that many food and beverage companies in the market operation is too greedy, so the market is often lack of focus and goals. The author believes that the restaurant brands in the weak situation, it is best not to comprehensive, need to establish a strong intensive and meticulous farming, according to the first, to establish a strong regional brand, and then gradually expand.

Insight into the evolution of

, under the protection of the restaurant O2O crisis

most food and beverage companies on the surface looks very formal, in fact, very confusing, family management is more common. At present, regardless of the internal and external management of food and beverage market operations are generally more extensive, which is the main reason for the development of food and beverage companies are difficult to grow.

small and medium-sized catering enterprises in the management and implementation of the general lack of innovation, technology, economic strength and hardware facilities can not be compared with the big brands. The catering enterprises want to walk out of predicament, must realize the hard skills, from extensive management to fine management transformation. Catering enterprises must be refined in the market operation of the market, the implementation of depth marketing, intensive and meticulous farming, enhance the level of corporate profits, this.

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