How to build customer service system

Customer service system

decoration industry, according to my observation, there are ninety percent problems, first we can know what time the highest amount of network customer consultation, seven p.m. to ten p.m., but most of the decoration company this time customer service work, QQ no one; I was at a point of customer service to work ten pm, this year I feel a person too much pressure, open the QQ followed by a machine gun, not as busy, in the afternoon to a point with a eight point start morning, achieve all-weather reception.

customer service system, the most important thing is to do with the customer emotionally built Oh, have the ability to train customer service can go into friendship no matter what the topic, which requires customer service with keen observation, judgment of customer attributes from customer information, to find common ground, then exchange, remember when a customer with your customer service become bestie or friends when signing, basically just a matter of time.

I remember a case like this, there is a Tmall shop customer service team, the boss hired staff are girls, why don’t hire hire beauty, not handsome, there is a small experiment shows that some people find friends released two photos in an international airport. Is a macho, is the standard of beauty, we all thought that the final results should be both flat, two photos will attract people almost to add friends, but the final result is eye popping, Menzerna is only three people, beauty has more than 1 thousand and 700, and add beauty as friends are mostly female, to draw a conclusion, women with high safety, it is generally believed that with the beauty to make friends not dangerous, there are problems. So we hire service time to pay attention to this, the girl talk, the most suitable customer service.

the boss hired some woman, and a provincial one, when talking with customers, will naturally ask where is the answer, which the city of the province, customer service immediately transposed, with fellow identity chat.

once the Tmall shop to work, want to see in the flashing, thought to the business, to take over and speak in the best of spirits, but the customer said, sorry, my husband said that your price is too expensive, don’t ask me to buy, I said if you buy it with my divorce.

boss is purple Jie students, no matter what reason to know the customer refused to sign the bill, not only to pay attention to, because there is no confidence. Based on this theory, the boss replied, "it doesn’t matter.". Where are you from.

customers said I was in Wuhan, because many boss around customer service, for many are familiar with the city, immediately said, too clever, I am also Wuhan, and they began to talk about Hanzheng Street, on fire, duck neck, talk more and more strong, xiangjianhenwan. Is talking about, the customer suddenly said, although my husband won’t let me buy, but I decided to buy your home. The boss also hypocritically said don’t delay the family harmony.

my sister-in-law and my customer service manager, Xiao Xiang, are all kids

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