Today said the station of the evil

why a large number of websites innocent by K, in ten years, K what is causing


exactly why millions of new sites were shut out of Baidu!

is a natural or man-made


please watch today, said the station’s sin station

we all know, since the last Baidu algorithm after countless SEO home on the website for the large number of laid-off, the owners of all this evil and bend the brows, because what is caused? It will be in that station run, Baidu gave you 3 days can be included in the site to everyone do not cherish those opportunities in the garbage station, only to see the immediate profit and did not see the long-term development, led directly to the Baidu K crazy mad pull

be furious!The

algorithm changes after a large number of new sites not included in the end, is why? What is the Baidu not included or webmaster do not? The answer is definitely not good for Baidu Adsense website will not be stupid enough to not suicidal, careful observation after Baidu included time is long, accurate to say that the study period was extended a lot according to my estimates, should be in about 15 days, many of my new sites included is Baidu released date to early days, I found 20 sites in the Baidu can search and see a snapshot of the date is 15 or more in advance, careful friends will not find Baidu spider come to your website, but to go after, the webmaster thinks his own station may not be included, so it is still not updated, Baidu is to increase the study period For such a webmaster, his fundamental psychological is to rely on Baidu, but not in reality to make the website of this new algorithm is based on the Baidu user experience as the core of the algorithm, the above problems should Xinzhan comprehensive specific what to do


1: the content of the new station you must ensure that the timing of quantitative updates.

2: the new station must even natural, literally go to a few blog BBS hair a few connections.

3: illegal sites as far as possible not to submit a large probability of being artificial. (I have not been included in a single station after 2 months in the collection)

4: the layout of the site must be novel.

5: patience to do the webmaster should do, should not do.

More than

of the skills are what I personally practice, our school teachers to do the site’s non mainstream personality picture is to do so, we can look at!

exchange group I was two SEO group

: be promoted step by step


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