Travel down to the consumer back to the Commission mode renewed suspense


once, travel fast, move the Commission rebates to consumers, breaking the online travel website Commission on eating practices. On the other hand, travel and backed by the parent company — China’s first Chinese in Europe listed tourism enterprises, and rely on a large number of traditional travel agencies travel ticket business wide China’s booming business brings.

industry believes that the travel of the collapse, in addition to the parent company of China and gztc equity dispute, the Commission returned to the consumer, from the launch date, has been controversial. How far the commission rebate this tactic? The Nandu chanf will invite three guests to lecture.

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commission model is one of the main profit models of online travel sites, and some online travel sites from the beginning of the Commission will try to return to the customer, how do you see this approach?

The premise of


Wu Zhixiang: in the city network, the return is reflected in the return of the bonus model, we began in 2008 to do this business. Review the nature of the bonus is not price competition, but based on a consideration of the value chain: first, the user wants to book through the internet. At present, there is a telephone reservation and booking. In fact, every customer a telephone reservation, we will increase the operating costs of 10 yuan, so we encourage customers to book through the internet. The second is to contribute to the consumer after the review, describing the experience. After the comments, we will reward the user a part of the bonus, if the photos come up, we will be extra bonus.

city network spending reviews bonuses, but the rapid enrichment of the content of the site. Now we have nearly 1 million comments, comments published by the consumer has become an important means to expand the influence of the city network. We regularly organize user evaluation, feedback to businesses, businesses have access to improved service methods. This will form a win-win model for online consumer businesses.

if you can find a few win-win mode, can reduce transaction costs in all aspects, the rebate model is feasible. But then the market in increasing the rebate, and do not need to practice user reviews, this method from the perspective of enterprise development, it is not feasible. Because companies need to find sustainable development model, users also want to find a stable service.

GUI Xin: the price has been a very important factor to attract users of the online travel market, the price war often kill one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred, but also may have an impact on the tourism industry price system. At the present stage of online travel between the electricity supplier to achieve the price advantage, to a certain extent is hard power competition information types, distribution channels, and other aspects of the accumulation of capital, in fact should be more from the service level, transaction security, operation management, user experience to expand the benign competition.

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