The network has accomplished his dream the story of a disabled network promotion

network made his dream

– the story of a disabled "network promotion"

Li original Yiyi

in a short period of time, he opened up the network in the world, increase the income of the family, but also bring a lot of fun. "Network" is he assiduously, studious won the first fruit of hope.

he is Peng Hongwei, because he is willing to endure hardship and good flexibility, has understood and mastered the network promotion and application of the law, the Internet has become an excellent marketing staff. Especially worthy of title, he can help people, more need to work more than he was wandering in the network or not to mind taking the trouble, even entering the network from novice to teach, I was one of them.

however shishinanliao, a fortuitous accident, changed his way of life

Peng Hongwei grew up in rural Chongqing, because their parents work in the township enterprises perennial, only he and grandma lived in a very small, learn to do the housework, grandma loves him, praise him sensible diligent parents. From primary school to junior high school graduation, Hong Wei still live ordinary day, parents still work in township enterprises.

at the age of 19, he from a technical school in Banan district after graduation, first is a state-owned enterprise in Banan District, but only in the factory good times don’t last long, he did a year, with state-owned enterprises facing the reform of enterprise management system, laid-off workers at the factory. These things make people lose morale Peng Hongwei, decided to leave, from state-owned enterprises to go out, started his way to work. After a few times, as he was in the new post smug, but you never know, it is in this company, he almost changed the future of life.

that was 03 years in June 2nd, the children’s day on the second day, when the company blackout, the whole staff to rest. He and a test to test the staff together to open car, in the back way, turn the car off the road to a few metres deep, the test driver was on the body, Hong Wei was thrown a few meters away. When he woke up from a coma, found his body can’t move, use a hand to card not have the feeling of pain, he has to guess what is in the future to face! Did not think that the doctor made the operation of 4 hours, the results extend to more than 8 hours. Then the parents told Hong Wei that he was hiding in the table was not to wake up, because the brain surgery sudden severe hypoxia, blood flow out non-stop, no two sets of blood recycling machine recycling rate of vascular outflow speed.

in order not to let parents sad, Hong Wei was very strong, no tears in front of their parents. So far there is no effective treatment for what, like him, only his home slowly slowly rest, exercise. That was the most difficult day he had ever experienced. At the beginning, he was very optimistic: I believe it will slowly recover, everything will be better. Instead, a month later, two months later, there is no good, what.

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