Unfamiliar street was 10 million investment in the city of 58 PO financing of 330 million

unfamiliar street

[TechWeb] November 29th news reports, social applications unfamiliar street updated prospectus disclosure of the issuance, issue price range, the amount of financing and other information, according to the prospectus, in addition to the planned public offering of equity financing of about $232 million, unfamiliar street will also to the Alibaba and the 58 city private placement.

unfamiliar street said in the prospectus, in the initial public offering (IPO), the company also plans to Alibaba and 58 city respectively $50 million and $10 million private placement of new shares, the issuance price and the issue price of the same IPO.

if included in the Alibaba and 58 city contribution funds, and the unfamiliar street price range limit $14.5 per American depositary share calculation, the unfamiliar street IPO plans to raise the total will increase to $292 million, if the Underwriters exercise the full overallotment, total financing of $326 million 800 thousand.

in unfamiliar street two cornerstone investors Alibaba and the city of the city, the city is the first investment of 58 unfamiliar street, and Alibaba had been unfamiliar street shareholders in the past, the market is not the same as the city of.

unfamiliar street prospectus shows that Alibaba currently holds unfamiliar street 68861733 shares, the shareholding ratio of 20.7%.

Alibaba Investment Limited by Alibaba in June 17, 2012 and October 23, 2013 to buy 45885940 shares of class B preferred shares and 8001920 shares of class C preferred shares, the transaction size of $15 million and $10 million respectively.

addition, Ma Yunfeng fund’s participation in the creation of the Rich Moon Limited in May 15, 2014 to buy 18570966 shares of class D preferred shares, the transaction size of $90 million.

unfamiliar street in November 7th for the first time to submit the prospectus, the ticker symbol MOMO, issue price range of $12.5 to $14.5, the listing on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the Underwriters Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse), JP Morgan, China Renaissance. (small peak)

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