Tourism electricity supplier price war upgrade lose profit is not losing the array of small sites ar

this is a relatively quiet price war, no electricity supplier price war noise, but has been open for several months. Compared to the electricity supplier price slobber war, the online travel industry price war "is the real real money investment".

according to foreign media news, Chinese leading online tourism executives Tuesday (September 11th) said that at least this year the company will adhere to low-cost marketing strategies, the price war will continue, net profit can foresee the future two quarter will decline significantly.

Ctrip senior vice president Tang Lan said that the company has been ready to continue the price war next year. At the same time, the company is also exploring international hotels and international air tickets and other services, hoping to become the company’s new business growth point in the future.

yesterday (September 12th), the industry leader Ctrip said it will continue to increase investment in a price war, and said that in September the price war will be more intense. Then, eLong, the same way network also said that will continue to challenge the determination.


overweight price war

The price war of online travel industry source

two years ago the hotel return now, cash back for a OTA (online travel service provider), one or two months have no problem, can also be understood, but for many years to do, this is equivalent to the price war." Tang Lan yesterday in an interview with the daily economic news reporter to analyze the origin of the OTA price war.

crack consulting general manager Wei Changren told the "daily economic news" reporter, the price war of online travel business caused by elong Ctrip group purchase group purchase, after was forced to increase the investment, then the hotel group purchase price war and extended to the entire field of hotel.

(micro-blog) according to Analysys International data show that from the first day of the quarter elong and Ctrip hotel group purchase war, larger rebate promotions to the two quarter of the two OTA website launched online travel market "price war There was no parallel in history.". Subsequently, followed by Ctrip and elong mango network and the same way network also announced that invested 80 million yuan and $90 million to join the hotel price war, the price war to a climax.

Tang Lan said that at the beginning of Ctrip is not to fight, because the price war no profit, but for Ctrip, the competitor lowers the price, Ctrip lost a part of price sensitive consumers.

it is reported that Ctrip in June this year, officially launched a long time low price promotions, and claiming that the event can have $500 million budget authorization.

Tang Lan told reporters that no one is willing to fight a price war, but now the case, had to fight". "We didn’t do it two years ago, but now we’re really hurt, and some of our price sensitive consumers are going to our competitors."

it is reported that Ctrip’s promotional activities, including the main hotel and the hotel to participate in the free will

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