Xiao Shenyang blog 4 log total hits more than 5 million

Xiao Shenyang Sohu blog was founded in January 19th, a total of only four logs, but as of last night, 10 points, a total of 14471 messages, click on the 5135135.

Xiao Shenyang yesterday, thank you support in the blog, and says, "Hello! This afternoon I heard the Sohu blog clicks to break five million, I’ll come up at night, and more than ten oh."

"7 domain name packaged for sale, 50 thousand dollars not bargain."

Chinese through Internet Information Center query, "not bad money", "Xiao Shenyang" and funny lines "pure" Pinyin domain has were registered, among them, "Xiao Shenyang" Chinese domain name was registered in early February 13, 2008. In addition, Xiao Shenyang’s Pinyin domain name is also on sale, the website also cited the media reports on the Xiao Shenyang, in order to strengthen the importance and economic value of the domain name.

Xiao Shenyang of the domain name registered, said that he is working in Shenzhen, Liaoning, Xiao Shenyang registered the domain name is at the beginning of last year, the "7 domain name packaged for sale, 50 thousand dollars not bargain."

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