How to do product innovation in large companies giant internal innovation red and black

I am responsible for internal innovation in Jingdong virtual product development department, today to share with you the giant red and black internal innovation. At first, the leader told me that I was in charge of an innovative team. When set up innovation or innovation group of such companies do not support innovative products. But I’m in the innovation group work so far, they have done a lot of things, including the establishment of Jingdong’s first logistics node planning system, and the flow of gas station, Jingdong sea hare, user nursery and so on, have some more or less recognized today to share some experience with my classmates.


when I started my own product manager, I was hesitant. I do not have any experience, there is no background knowledge, I do not fit for this line? Then I entered the Jingdong, is responsible for the first Jingdong logistics node planning system, this thing gave me a lot of confidence.

do not look at Jingdong logistics sounds very tall, very cattle, the distribution of our warehouse should be placed where the beginning is actually determined by the head of the head. For example, there is only one distribution station in Zhongguancun, said the leadership of a distribution station to send over the need to be divided into two stations. The two stations in the end where to build, in theory, should be calculated by the need to consider how the distribution of orders, how the population distribution, and so on. But the webmaster with the deputy director said, we look for a street, the left is your single, the right is my single. This is simple and crude.

In fact, there are a large number of Jingdong

and detailed user data can be used, for example, some users are office workers during the day may be no one at home, some orders are more expensive to install appliances, some users are high value users etc.. I do after the logistics node planning system, is through these data to calculate the location of the distribution station is the most appropriate. For example, there are three places where the rent can bear, which is the best.

this is a typical example of internal innovation, its core logic is: you have the data and resources based on continuous mining, the one of the original core business experience or function points to be more extreme.

such innovation, within the big company, is bound to be popular.


we are very familiar with each other Maslow demand analysis, APP will be an Internet based on user needs, such as Jingdong and Tmall to meet the physiological needs of users; 360, Baidu security guards to meet the security needs of users, WeChat is unfamiliar street, meet the social needs of the user. Now the mobile Internet era there is a traffic demand on the ground floor, if there is no traffic, the above mentioned may be 0, which is the location of Jingdong gas stations to meet the underlying needs of the Internet era of human nature.


why gas stations can do it? Why do users want to come? How much is the value of the flow of the value of a user’s judgment is often dependent on a number of non – essential factors. >

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