How to promote enterprise information website

enterprise information network is actually the same as the general web site, the main content is the content of some enterprise news and business information. But it is not the same place, that is the overwhelming enterprise name, so we focus on starting from this enterprise.

first: look for companies to connect

during my time at work, I had a telephone marketing, in the telephone marketing I feel as long as you use a good success rate will reach 90%. When you call to the enterprise to do not need your purpose here but you have to tell him what you do in your own business website? In the website for enterprises to write a good article, if writing is not very friendly, asked whether they need to modify, and then they in order to say whether can link or send an article to fill in the chain we can. And then tell them what our enterprise information users and the advantages of good future development, because it will make people more trust us.

second: find links to related sites

I think as new sites may be more difficult, people may see your PR value is too low and you do not do friendship connection, but you can still try, I will first find a general method in which the PR value of 0 to 2, because this station is generally just soon. If you do a good job of station art, I personally think it should not be a problem.

third: other promotional methods

in some forums or related industries in a written article, if the original article is my recommendation is released in A5, it is because the A5 published articles can be displayed in Baidu news, in fact, invisible propaganda website, I think this is a very good method.

more than three points for enterprise information is to achieve a certain promotion effect.

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