Fish sauce from the explosion of the regional electricity supplier to the tipping point

if the "tongue 1" in the winter is a booster, the rapid development of e-commerce in Suichang then, fish sauce could be a tipping point for the development of electronic commerce in Qiandongnan? In the face of night jump red Thunder Mountain fish sauce, Leishan local guy Asif jumped out of the explosion of the sellers will be thinking, as a fish sauce the tipping point for a series of commercial thinking. I dark horse to share this article, we want to help.


fish sauce "famous ones" and "tongue 1" in Mao tofu, ham and other products of the same promise, focusing popular program released to drive the small local specialty of an instant burst of red. In a very short period of time, a rate war staged between businesses, the contest is a reaction speed of the supply chain.

, however, with the increasing online sellers should be relatively rapid decline in fish sauce web search index. From the beginning of April to the end of the month, fish sauce on Taobao’s search index showed a "roller coaster" curve. Before April 22nd, its search index is zero, April 22 ~ 26 days, a wave of climax, and rapid decline after this.

How long is the explosion of the

life cycle? When faded focusing effect brought by the TV program, consumers return from the story to the details of the products, the market is not optimistic about the prospects of fish sauce.

a jar of sauce "speed and passion"


fish sauce can be said to be completely accidental. If there is no tongue 2, it may be just an ordinary local people on the table seasoning, and the network is not completely related to hot selling products.

is almost in the broadcast at the same time, set off the first wave of fish sauce search climax. However, the night did not find the seller selling the product on Taobao. Overnight, the various businesses staged a battle to speed up the supply of goods.

and long-term commitment to the promotion of local agricultural products in Leishan young Asif, in this round of war, can reap the opportunities. Just two months ago, he and his team is a village in Leishan County following in preparing ecological pig electricity project. The village and the "2" tongue in Bridgeport Village is adjacent. Broadcast of the program, Asif first contact with a colleague in the village, so that he confirmed the acquisition of local sources and supply. But he also in second days to reach the documentary, Leishan County of Bridgeport Village, the first visit of the Miao women more than gowrie show, set down the more than 300 pounds of spot.

The first product was a

shelves immediately sold out. For many businesses, fish sauce is a tipping incident, competition is the response speed of the supply chain. It is understood that the Shanghai a seller sent overnight to Guizhou hill, 2 in the morning to find manufacturers, 8 in the morning until the 9, the negotiated price, the relevant picture material from 10:30, at 11 in the Tmall line of fish sauce. Tmall platform sales speed

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