A new era of marketing the high quality of people involved in the success of the vision of success

long ago wrote an article: "marketing and life has to guard against" dogskin Plaster "cannot bear to part from each other, to", also received by other websites into "advertising in excess of the era of how to grasp the marketing scale", this article is mainly about the life we are in every corner of the "advertising", from the Internet gangster Ma to the television entertainment programs, and then to the music video pictures, marketing has been omnipresent, even people have begun to enjoy this hotbed of "advertisement" brings.


said a study example, the college students if going to graduation thesis for the study of a dream of Red Mansions ", the tutor will only veto, for so many years, so many people after a hundred years of classic, you can guarantee that in a couple of months of individual value?" a study on early; when you reach a lifelong hard to reach the height, you can do the most is the study of "man and the viewpoint of dream".

When the

marketing has spread, people began to study marketing, people have begun to enjoy this marketing in a vast expanse of water…… We may have slipped over an era.


variety show "daddy go" with the fire of reality show, will once again have the marketing to implant a new climax, the past just before the drama play according to straightforward "this activity by XXX sponsorship, now all kinds of food and drink with the watch says can be implanted in advertising.

beauty shot, Jingdong mall, Acer notebook, QQ star, 999 ganmaoling…… In "daddy go" appeared in advertising has all kinds of It is often seen., movie and TV manufacturers of ads or call or call people dumbfounding, with the help of sponsorship overwhelmed with admiration for; popular network drama also emerge in an endless stream……

the world has been advertised "devour"".

everyone’s attitude towards marketing from ignorance, cognitive, and now seems to have been recognized.


is not approved for all the ads say, but recognition and recognition of tolerance for a more large advertising, people pondering advertising, advertising evaluation, advertising applause, advertising paizhuan…… The existence of the people has experienced the ignorance of the trust, to enjoy the feelings of resentment and rejection of the attack, and now, people’s understanding of marketing has become more rational.

A large marketing

micro-blog, you know what they do every "funny" is to marketing, but you just love to see, but every time, overwhelmed with admiration for sincere to their call, this is the marketing and taste, value fusion to consummate the product and marketing can really come into people the recognition of the essential factor of vision ".

"marketing" itself has reached a new level of in-depth inquiry, the future, the real marketing will be in the cheers of the people often exist.

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