Talk about the promotion of Taurus network Part one

to Shenzhen for some time, but also to find the promotion of Taurus network, so now slowly stabilized, and came to the past often go to A5 to express my feelings of promotion now taurus. Although it can be regarded as a personal webmaster can understand the network, but I came to know that I was wrong, because I know the network but I do not understand the stock, do not understand the securities. In fact, it seems that I am completely a rookie, is exactly what do not understand, I can be very tender. So it is necessary to come out under the world. I was doing alone, now it is different, it is teamwork, must be a clear division of labor, which I do not adapt to some. So I also have to adapt to the team now, but my manager gave me time to learn.

to tell the truth is a very hard thing to promote, because there is no kind of free promotion can let you have a very comfortable also can promote their own station to let everybody know. Unless you have a lot of money. So it is inevitable to start suffering. Because promotion is like doing business, but also a cumulative process. Now I’m talking about the promotion of taurus. Blog promotion, QQ group promotion, BBS soft Wen promotion these are well-known and is the effect is very good promotion. But there are a lot of details that need attention.

blog published articles need to add to the source of the article is not only to their own stand on a SEO page inside the chain optimization. Spider crawling.

QQ group promotion is actually one of the best way to see the effect, but it is not difficult to do a good job advertising T is a way. We all know that QQ users are one hundred million. The flow of the market is a piece of fat meat everyone want to bite, but how to chew? Everyone has their own unique skill. I’ll talk about our ways and ideas. QQ group, some people think that now only 20 per day can be banned by the Tencent. At first I thought so. Later, my colleagues told me that such a method can be unlimited plus group method. Search keywords do not apply to find groups to join, but to see the back of the group number and then to find the exact join. So you can add unlimited. Ha ha little sound, and so on next door to hear the Tencent heard and sealed off the east. The promotion after serious disruptions to the QQ group. Into the group, generally do not directly in the hair advertising, because it is bound to be T. We are all very clear. Then we do is a must be sent to you is not an administrator of the group of friends, I would like to T T. Ha ha recently to do is to prepare a group of space in the free release of some useful software for the group of taurus. Also prepared to share in the group to share the Taurus net of the e-book. This reduces the likelihood of being T.

Forum promotion in fact nothing trick, the network expert actually said I also do OK. Effect is there, there may be some slow. It’s a cumulative process. SEO is also part of the chain work. Speak today

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