The digital age to see how UC H5 to move the browser market

May is the season of 51 holiday get together, just after the mother’s day, 517 "chowhound Festival", 520 "Confessions" followed by. In this festival from many times, any topic can be used that day". The size of each food brand their holiday marketing this big cake, there are UC browsers with H5 small test moved by Swiss marketing.

520 is related to the festival of love, naturally can not do without courtship confession. No love, flowers, chocolate "Confessions three piece" H5 test UC browser designed a unique, true love as a touchstone, in order to find the world with your highest degree of understanding the other half. The test soon scraper circle of friends, UC browser which was named "top technology matchmaker" in the history of the title, was promoted to 520 off single artifact.


The Swiss

UC browser and more than that, it is understood, UC browser painting heart test, a collective spoof originated from the company programmers — on the eve of the 520, on the left half of the heart to find the other half in the office building of UC! UC administrative micro-blog then respond to the call center building "users upload half fill found your other half", two people with the most will be on the UC browser screen flash.


this fun game as a new form of interactive marketing, it is easy to catch the user’s eye and was constantly forwarded. "Fill the heart" activities after the launch, the enthusiasm is very high, by well-known Satin Hands and V, UGC content of thousands out immediately. Cool heart hair, tempting heart lip, sweet heart photo wall and so on, with highly interactive H5 painting heart test, let alone this program ape second single dog carnival.


however, look through the phenomenon of nature, this is more like a UC browser to use big data to achieve precision marketing, direct 90 core user group brand expansion of the war. Mobile browser as an important Internet portal and mobile platform, has a unique advantage of big data. Such as through the big data mining hot spots, through search, browsing history analysis of user characteristics, it is easy to capture the user’s pain points and preferences.



and young people, especially after 90, is a browser vendors "highland". For this group grew up in the Internet environment, the digital natives, values, digital, entertainment and community is the most basic requirement to impress this group. The past two years, the mobile browser is increasingly on the younger line, from product features to brand philosophy, are moving closer to the younger. UC browser relying on big data, but also proposed a fun discovery spread ideas, and fit the hot spots continue to launch instant marketing

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